Can I Get Approved For Cash Out On My Manufactured Home?

Get approved now for a cash out manufactured home loan, available for FHA, VA, and Conventional financing. Also possible Cash Out on alternate USDA programs.

Manufactured home owners and their families have a variety of loan options available to them through Conventional, FHA and VA loan refinance programs.

Depending on your situation, you may find it beneficial to take advantage of cash out refinancing options.

If you're an eligible Veteran, than the VA cash out loan allows for up to 100% of your homes equity to be pulled out with no questions asked on use of funds. 

In other situations if you are maxed on the homes value, you may be able to do an update / rehab loan which extends over the max value of your home. Imagine having access to 35,000 extra right now for updates you need.

It may even be possible to lower your rate and payment while pulling cash out of your home, consolidating debt, or creating home updates.  So plan smart moves when considering a cash out refinance.

FHA will allow up to 85% cash-out if you are not a veteran, and conventional programs that have NO PMI allow up to 75% of your manufactured home equity to be pulled out in cash.

Again, if you are strictly looking to do some updates on the homes interior or exterior and you are already at 100%, there may be some program options still available for you.

The USDA does not currently offer any cash out programs.

What is a cash-out refinance, and can I qualify with a Manufactured home?

Are you struggling to pay back a significant amount of credit card debt?

Are you suddenly facing expensive bills or other emergency expenses?

Have you been making a dated and poorly designed kitchen work for you and are finally done with the hassle?

Cash-out refinancing allows you to walk away with the money you need now right out of the equity of your home. 

A cash-out is simply accessing the equity you built from property appreciation and paying down your loan, to use as you wish now, instead of later.

Absolutely yes, Manufactured Homes qualify the same as stick built properties for the majority of our loan programs. 

Does My Manufactured Home Appreciate In Value & Create Home Equity?

Heck, What is Home equity, and how do I access it?

First off, YES, Your manufactured home gains equity just like traditional homes. However, the amount it appreciates is determined by more factors than we can track across the country.

Your home’s equity is the value of the property that you’ve already paid for; in other words, it’s the value of the portion of the property that does not belong to the lender.

To easily estimate your home’s equity, subtract what you still owe on the mortgage from the home’s value.

You access it by choosing the best loan program that meets your needs. In order to qualify for the highest amount allowable, you would need to be a Veteran at 100% access, or FHA programs allowing up to 85%.

However, if you already have a mortgage near 100% of your homes current value, we may be able to do an update / rehab loan providing up to $35,000 over the value for these interior or exterior updates.

While we do offer these programs in 50 states, it should be known that Texas does have restrictions on the cash-out they will allow homeowners to access.

We offer multiple cash-out refinancing programs for manufactured homes.

Manufactured Nationwide can offer up to 100 percent for cash-out refinances for Veterans, and 85% FHA programs with low rates, fast closing times, and incredible customer service.

There are even VA & FHA Rehab Update programs allowing homeowners already at 100% value to access additional money.

Are you looking into refinancing your current mortgage loan? Give us a call, or skip the line and check your eligibility now. We can’t wait to help you with your individual situation.

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